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International Mary of Nazareth Center : a door open to the Bible

International Mary of Nazareth Center : a door open to the Bible

NAZARETH – Since January 2012, Mary of Nazareth center welcomes pilgrims and local parishioners coming to explore the city of Jesus’s childhood. The Community “Chemin Neuf”, in charge of the site, proposes to visitors a new approach to understand the Bible and the Holy Places through a multimedia course that is both inspirational and innovating.

As soon as you enter the Mary of Nazareth Center, a volunteer or a member of the community is available to welcome visitors. Emmanuelle, a young volunteer and student in History-Geography, is here for a few months, points out: “More importantly is to know the public with whom I am dealing in order to adapt my talk and to allow them to make the most of their time here”.

The visit starts by the discovery of a house dating back to the times of Jesus, discovered thanks to recent archaeological diggings that allow a deeper look into the life of the Holy Family and to better imagine the daily life in the small village of Nazareth.

The multimedia course then spreads out on four halls. The first allows visitors to explore the Bible as from the Creation up to Mary’s birth; the second, fully dedicated to the figure of the Virgin Mary, take us deep into the Mystery of Annunciation. The third allows to follow Jesus into His public life. The course is concluded by the rediscovery of the Easter mystery.

The whole course allows spectators to rediscover the intimate link which unites the Old with the New Testament, the ancient and new covenant. All that equipped with a high quality sound track, compatible with mysteries established in the reality of faith lived on the Land of Jesus. Special effects and pictures at 180° allow to keep the spectator’s attention during the whole course. This can then discover or rather rediscover catechism in a vivid manner, in both pleasant  and attractive atmosphere, before walking into the Chapel of Unity located on top of the house and enjoy the terraces which offer a spectacular view on the whole  town of Nazareth. Corentine, a young French girl of 22 years, says at the end of her visit: “The animation took me from one surprise to the other! All is set to startle us. All that shows us how we can put the technological performances at the service of Faith! Her friend added: “I come out with a yet clearer vision, thanks to the established links, in a very clear manner, between the Old  Testament and the coming of Christ in the world”

This course is available today in 11 different languages: French, English, Arabic, Hebrew, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Japanese – allowing thus everybody to take advantage of this visit.

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