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Mass at Basilica of Ecco Homo for the Way of the Cross

Mass at Basilica of Ecco Homo for the Way of the Cross

JERUSALEM – On Wednesday February 24th, 2016, for the second week of Lent, Rev. George Ayoub, Chancellor of the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem, presided over a mass at the Basilica of Ecco Homo in participation of the Confraternity of the Christian Mothers.

Fr. George began his homily by drawing the faithful’ attention to the Basilica of the Ecco Homo, it’s the place where Jesus was handed over to the Roman governor Pontius Pilate for trial. He said “How many times in our life we turn away from Jesus? And how many times we hand Him to trial like Pilate did?”

Speaking of Lent, Fr. George mentioned the possibility of fixing our mistakes and returning to the right track: “this time of Lent is the period of change and making the right decision to get closer to God and people”. Here he emphasized that Jesus overcame all obstacles and barriers by Himself, not needing an army to protect him, and the fact that He chose to approach people in order for them to get closer to God.

The Confraternity of the Christian Mothers in Jerusalem organizes masses for the Way of the Cross. Every mass, representing a station of the Cross, takes place in a different church every time. Last week the mass was held in the Church of Flagellation. For the third, fourth and fifth weeks the masses will take place in the chapel of the 6th station, the chapel of the 7th station and the Holy Sepulchre respectively at 9 am.

Fr. Joseph Tannous Yamine, who helped Saint Marie Alphonsine establish the Rosary Congregation, was the founder of the Confraternity. Meetings then were held, with the blessing of HB Vincent Bracco in 1874, in the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. Since then the Confraternity has always been guided by spiritual leaders like Fr. Joseph Tannous, Bishop Kamal Bathish, Bishop William Shomali, Fr. George Ayoub as well as other priests. For a few years now, the chancellor of the Latin Patriarchate has become the Confraternity’s spiritual leader.

Saher Kawas