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Solar power energy in the parishes of Jordan

Solar power energy in the parishes of Jordan

Jordan – In the framework of environment conservation and finding alternative methods to consume less energy, the parishes of Jordan and its schools are using solar panels to produce clean energy.

The Twelve Apostles was the first parish of Zarqa that uses the sun to produce energy through installing solar panels. Following in its steps, the parishes in Fuheis, Hoson, Northern Zarqa, al –Mafraq, Sweifieh and Our Lady of Peace Centre are acquiring the same system in their buildings and schools. Installations of these panels are expected to take place in Wasiyeh School, Madaba and Karak in the near future.

The system works on converting sunlight into electricity for immediate or later use. The goal of this project is to reduce electricity bills and environment pollution by preventing the emission of CO2 (Carbon dioxide).

It’s an initiative that echoes the calls of Pope Francis for the “Safeguard of the common home” and the ecological crisis, which destroys biodiversity, putting the existence of the human species in danger.

Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem