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A seminar on the environment in Jordan

A seminar on the environment in Jordan

JORDAN – The Catholic Center for Studies and Media (CCSM), in cooperation with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung held on Saturday January 30, 2016 a seminar titled, “Environment: The Common Home of Humanity”.

The seminar was opened by Dr. Majida Omar, director of the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies, who represented Her Royal Highness Princess bint El-Hassan. Present at the seminar were bishops, priests, nuns, environment associations, academics and journalists.

CCSM Director Fr. Rif’at Bader said that the preservation of the environment has become one of the greatest global challenges facing humanity. He added that Pope Francis’ historic message of the environment titled, “Laudato Si on Care for Our Common Home” stresses that most the people living on Earth state that they are faithful which entails orchestrating inter-religious dialogue in order to care for the environment, to defend the poor, and to ensure respect for the other brethren.

Dr. Hassan Karirah, from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, said that God entrusted Earth to human beings and ordered them to inhabit it. He added that God created the universe and human beings, and provided them with legislations that ensure a decent life in the context of an integral relationship between them and the components of the environment.

He continued that the world has nowadays to review the environmental imbalances we are currently experiencing following the malpractices that have been wreaking havoc. He asserted the need to take into consideration the “intellectual environment”, particularly with regards to the brutal wars, the killings and destruction taking place in our region which is the result of intellectual pollution that affects the minds of people. He concluded noting that the intellectual pollution is the worst types of environmental pollution.

Armenian Catholic Archbishop of Egypt, Palestine, and Jordan Krikor Kusa said that Pope Francis’ “Laudato Si on Care for Our Common Home” is directed at all people because the Earth is our common home. He pointed out that all humans constitute one family, and called for joint efforts to preserve the Earth which God had entrusted to us.

He added that the desire to maintain domination and ignoring the others is the root cause of the destruction inflicted on nature as well as on the social and humanitarian environment. Noting that this has led to the loss of internal and external peace, he said that the common life and joint action are the only way to preserve the environment, our common home, and the dignity of human beings.

Fuheis parish priest Fr. Imad Alamat presented a summary of Pope Francis’ “Laudato Si on Care for Our Common Home” noting that it was the first message by the Vatican on this vital and humanitarian issue, which urges all people and the faithful to be guardians of the environment and to terminate the deterioration inflicted as a result of humans’ irresponsible practices. He also issued directives deigned to preserve the environment including the adoption of dialogue in international politics, setting up new policies that protect the environment, launching dialogue in politics and economics, and maintaining transparency in decision-making.

In the first session, Dr. Wael Abul Sha’er, the technical adviser at the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission, made a scientific review of Pope Francis’ “Laudato Si on Care for Our Common Home”, while Dr. Ghaida Abu Rumman presented a working paper on the situation of water in Jordan. In the second session, Director of the Department of Climate Change Indira Dhahabi talked about Jordan’s participation in the Paris climate conference, and Mr. Fadi Marji talked about renewable energy and energy efficiency.


Photo: Aws Jalal