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« The deacon’s mission is the search for the lost sheep»

« The deacon’s mission is the search for the lost sheep»


 GALILEA- On Saturday December 5th at 17:00, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Fouad Twal presided over the diaconal ordination ceremony of Matheus Brum Maciel, from the “Redemptoris Mater” Seminary of Galilee, at the Church of the Domus Galilaeae in Chorazin.

Among those present at the ceremony with the Patriarch, were the formators and seminarians of the “Redemptoris Mater” Seminary of Galilee, the team responsible for the Neocatecumenal Way of that area, as well as some parish-priests and vice parish-priests from the Latin parishes of Palestine and Jordan. Also present was a group representing the Rosary Sisters and the Sisters of St. Dorothy, not to mention the brothers of the Neocatecumenal Communities of the ordained along with his parents who came all the way from Brazil.

The solemn celebration saw the enrichment of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem with this new deacon, who already offers his service to the diocese in the parish of Smakieh in Jordan. After the readings from the Second Sunday of Advent time, the Patriarch underlined through his Homily, that was mainly addressed to the seminarians, the importance of the Call. He then went on to say that the Lord calls and awaits. “He awaits our response to his vocation. Without a doubt God is He who chooses those He’s called to participate in the priesthood of Christ. He calls, He sustains, He Blesses.” Then while addressing the candidate he affirmed “Our Lord Jesus Christ has himself asked us to pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send workers to His harvest, and our brother Matheus has come to know and has felt that the Church is in need of good shepherds, now more than ever in these difficult days.” The prelate afterwards paused to reflect on the properties of the diaconal ordination, which makes of the newly ordained a useful collaborator of the parish priest in the work of catechizing, in the proclamation of the Word of God, in administering the sacraments, in visiting the sick and in the pastoral care of the youth. Moreover, he invited those present to accompany the new deacon closely through prayer and constant affection in view of his pastoral work. “His mission whether in the Holy Land or in any other place, is to be faithful both to the Church and the priesthood in his life and in his works”, asserted the Patriarch as he addressed the candidate exhorting him with the words: “Matheus, let your model be the Good Shepherd, especially in this year of Mercy, He who loves us and guides us, because He has come to seek those who were lost and save them. We are all part of those who were lost, and indeed we are in need of his love and his mercy”.

The celebration culminated with the imposing of the hands and the prayer of consecration, after which the assembly joyously welcomed the clothing of the new deacon with an extended applause. Lastly, the Patriarch greeted those present, congratulating in a particular way Matheus’ parents, who came from Brazil, therefore concluding by saying “I extend my appreciation and my gratitude to the priest-formators of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary who have accompanied you throughout this time and will accompany you wherever you shall be”.

After entrusting the call to the priesthood of the newly-ordained to the Virgin Mary through a canticle, Mons. Fouad Twal reminded the attending faithful about the upcoming opening of the year of Mercy, noting the times concerning the celebration of this ecclesial event so important.

After the celebration, his Beatitude took part, along with those present, in the festivities organized in honor of the new deacon.