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Bishop Marcuzzo and Father Hijazin visit schools in Rameh, Reneh and Jaffa

Bishop Marcuzzo and Father Hijazin visit schools in Rameh, Reneh and Jaffa


ISRAEL– It is a normal visit, which the Patriarchal Vicar for Israel, Bishop Giacinto-Boulos Marcuzzo, and the Director General of the Patriarchate Schools, Fr. Faysal Hijazin, carry out at the beginning of the new school year to Latin Patriarchal schools in Israel, as well as to other Christian schools.

This year’s visit had a special significance. All Christian schools went on a 27 day strike to get equal treatment with other private schools. A strike which involved many – students, families, directors, civilian and administrative authorities, trade unions.

The two visitors did not find anyone in those schools who felt they were victims of the strike.  Instead, the met teachers and students in good faith, full of enthusiasm. To their great surprise, they found out that even children of the primary classes were aware of the reasons behind the strike.

Bishop Marcuzzo thanked everybody – teachers, students, parents and authorities for the very positive role they had taken throughout the days of protest. He explained the operation plan of the commission, asking to compensate the 14 days of strike. He wished all schools a successful academic year in the spirit of the forthcoming “Year of Mercy”, hoping that activities will enable children to study and understand the importance of Pope Francis’ encyclical “Laudato Si.”

Herebelow is a summary of the situation of the Patriarchate Schools in Israel

Reneh: 1037 students: 66 teachers; Director General father Elias Tabban ; pastoral and spiritual guide father Elias Odeh ; Director of secondary stream Mrs Yvette Sayegh ; Director of primaries, Mr. Nimer Baransy. During the vacation three new classes were built over a new floor and two other classes were refurbished in the old school. Consequently the school does not need to rent a building for the nursery.

Rameh: 710 students; Director, Deacon Jiries Mansour; pastoral and spiritual guide, father Samer Hadad. The Patriarchal guests the opportunity to pay a visit to Mayor of Rameh, Mr. Shawki Abulteif, in order to thank him for his solidarity towards our Christian schools during the strike.

Jaffa of Nazareth: 582 students: 45 teaches; Director General father Elias Tabban ; director of secondary stream, Mr. Saad Rahhal ; Director of primaries Mr. Kaysar Rashed. As of this year, Jaffa is indeed a full- fledged school, as the 12th class is now open. Plan for the new building and for refurbishing of the school is ready, pending the issuing of a building license.

Sherfam: nursery for almost 100 children; Director, Fr Elie Kurzum.

Haifa: nursery with 90 children

In the next few days, Bishop Marcuzzo will visit the two Patriarchate-run nurseries, as well as all other schools under the jurisdiction of the  Latin Patriarchal Vicar in Israel.

Text : our correspondent in Galilaea
Photos : A. K.

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