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In 2015, three projects to be carried out

In 2015, three projects to be carried out



HOLY LAND – In addition to the monthly support for the operating expenses of the Latin Patriarchate, every year, the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre chooses certain projects to be carried out. These projects, among those presented by the Patriarchate, have been positively evaluated by the Commission for the Holy Land.

In 2015, three projects were selected, and are briefly described below.

Renovation of the monastery of Jaffa of Nazareth

Jaffa of Nazareth is only a few kilometres north of Nazareth, in Israel. The local parish includes some 580 families and apart from the Church, the complex includes: a school, a kindergarten, the residence and office of the Parish Priest, and a convent for the Religious Sisters. The work that will be implemented over the next three years includes the expansion of the number of classes to enable the school to accommodate students at the  higher level of secondary education that will necessitate the relocation of the kindergarten, and housing accommodation for the Priest and Sisters to a new building. Currently, there are 555 students in the school and kindergarten.

Completion of the ground floor of Our Lady of Peace Centre  in Jordan and the construction of a Cultural Centre

Our Lady of Peace Centre was opened near Amman in 2004 by the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem and currently offers a range of services for people with disabilities, and  supporting in many ways, the Church youth movements in Jordan. Upon completion of the the ground floor of the Centre, more office space will be available, and will as well provide meeting rooms and an apartment for the Sisters who live there.


Final phase of the new Church and the Marj Alhamam Complex in Jordan.

The city of Marj Alhamam, located on the outskirts of Amman, directly serves an area with about 1,500 faithful. The Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Apparition live in the Convent of Marj Alhamam. They currently have 15 novices and postulants. The pastoral work of this community is of great help to the people. The present Church accommodates up to 120 people, whereas the new Church under construction, will have a capacity of 600 people and a new hall for 500 people. The work is currently in its final phase.