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The Fourth Collection of the Series “Gate of Faith” now available

The Fourth Collection of the Series “Gate of Faith” now available


JERUSALEM – June 2015. On the occasion of the Year of Faith in 2012-2013, a group of priests, friars and nuns and lay men belonging to different Christian confessions started a new project: the publication of a series of Arabic-speaking booklets covering different subjects and aspects of Faith and Christian Life. A collection baptized “Gate of Faith”. The series had a big success with Arab Christians, and four collections are even out since a couple of years.


The fourth collection is the biggest. It contains 19 booklets, a first booklet on Liturgy as well as three other booklets on the life and spirituality of two new Palestinian saints: Mariam of Jesus Crucified Bawardi and Marie-Alphonsine Ghattas.

Seven booklets were devoted to four weeks of Spiritual Exercises of St Ignace of Loyola, with commentaries by Fr Hans Putman, Dutch Jesuit of the Province of the Middle East, who lives in Bethlehem and continues to teach the Exercises, accompanying many Christians.

Two years passed since launching the project in 2013. Fr Rafiq Khoury, of the Latin Patriarchate, points out that the series is not over yet. “We keep on working. This series is composed of a collection of booklets easy to read, sold at reasonable prices. It is a tool for the Christian adults training we very badly need in our diocese. These booklets are also a pastoral instrument in the hands of priests and animators”.

It is worth reminding that this series is composed of small sized booklets (11 x 16 cm), published exclusively in Arabic language, between 40 and 60 pages each. Small booklets meant to worshippers, in an easily readable style which Fr Rafiq Khoury himself had compared to “fast food”, in an article published in the Franciscan Arabic-speaking Magazine of the Holy Land (As-Salam wal Khair) of January-February 2014.

As to the language of publication, it is very simple, but without being superficial, gathering simplicity and depth.

What characterizes the series is its high value for a very low price (5 NIS – nearly 1 EUR – for booklets of less than 64 pages ; 10 NIS for booklets of more than 64 pages). The aim is not commercial but purely pastoral.

The fifth collection is under process.


To get copy of the booklets, you may approach:

  • In Palestine : Christ the King Bookshop – Beit Sahur – Tel 275 53 53
  • In Jordan : Latin Bishopric, Sweifiyeh – Tel 592 94 56 or
  • Youth of Stour Library, Jabal Amman – Tel 461 64 66
  • In Israel : Latin Bishopric, Nazareth – Tel 655 40 75

Firas Abedrabbo

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