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Graduation Ceremony at the Emmaus Center: a heart burning to know Christ

Graduation Ceremony at the Emmaus Center: a heart burning to know Christ


BETHLEHEM – On Sunday 7 June 2015, in the afternoon, Mgr Fouad Twal, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, presided over a graduation ceremony at the Carmel of Bethlehem, for two promotions at the Emmaus Center, of 2013 and 2015 respectively.

The ceremony started by a 30-minute silent adoration of the Holy Sacrament beside the relics of St Mariam of Jesus Crucified Bawardi kept inside the chapel of the Carmel in Bethlehem. They came in large numbers, mothers of families, men and women, young and less so, grand parents as well, to receive their diplomas acknowledging participation in two years of “Christian Training for Adults” at the Emmaus Center.

The Emmaus Center is a group of Christian training for adults which is organized once every two years in a new parish at the Latin Patriarchate, providing training to lay people in the fields of Dogmatic Theology and Morals, Liturgy and Holy Scriptures. The participants accordingly have the opportunity to deepen the Credo they confess and to build up their faith on rock. Science happens to be one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, together with wisdom, judgment, council, power, piety and fear of God.

This initiative, set up already several years ago by Fr Rafiq Khoury – member of the Latin Patriarchate clergy – comes in the framework of the teaching and the spirit of Vatican Council II which insisted on the role played by lay faithful, together with clergy and consecrated, in the building of the Church and in Evangelisation. Teaching Christians and offering them “an enlightened and clever faith” serve this end perfectly well.

In his address to participants, Mgr Twal expressed his gratitude: “I thank all teachers as well as Fr Ibrahim Shomali, now Director of the Center, for they have enabled participants, through this programme, to grow up in knowledge of Christ, little by little, like the two disciples of Emmaus. We too, each time we discover Christ, our hearts burn inside ourselves”.

The Emmaus Center offers to participants the possibility of studying 15 different files (themes), earmarking to each file between three to four different lectures.

Firas Abedrabbo