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Two seminarians of Galilee admitted to the Holy Orders

Two seminarians of Galilee admitted to the Holy Orders

KORAZIM – A Eucharistic Celebration presided by Mgr. Giacinto-Boulos Marcuzzo took place on Wednesday the 22nd of April at the Church of the Domus Galilaeae. Inside the Church, two seminarians belonging to the Redemptoris Mater of Galilee were admitted to the Holy Orders: Mateo Alvarez Serna and Francisco Aragón Bueno, both originally from Colombia.

Mateo and Francisco are in fact preparing to become diocesan priests of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, while characterized with being missionaries sent from the Church of Holy Land to anyplace reckoned in need.

Several priests that carry out their ministries in the Holy Land attended the celebration (among them, Francisco’s brother Fr. Juan David), alongside some religious, and the brothers and sisters of the Neocatechumenal Communities, where both seminarians respectively form part of the Way. For the most part, these brothers came from the villages of Fassuta and ‘Ailaboun, in addition to the communities of the Domus Galilaeae, the Domus Mamre (from Jerusalem) and the Seminary itself.

In his homily, Mgr. Marcuzzo primarily emphasized the theological profundity of some of the essential themes found in the Gospel of John. Geared particularly towards the seminarians, he spoke of how necessary it is in every instance, even in the most ordinary circumstances dictated by life, of focusing on Jesus Christ and in the knowledge of his person.

The Bishop subsequently paused to poignantly touch upon the importance of some of the “signs of our times”, first among them being the martyrdom of numerous of our brothers in the Middle East. Underlining that one cannot rest indifferent in front of such a reality, which nevertheless is interpreted in the lumen of faith and the resurrection of Christ, considering that the blood of the martyrs is always  the seed of new Christians.

The second sign, although not of lesser importance is the closely approaching canonization of two saints from the Holy Land. Such is the source of joy for his Church. Two women, so different in their personalities, yet so united in the sanctity of life; such is  what can be said of Mary of Jesus Crucified (Mariam Baouardy), a professed nun pertaining to the order of the Discalced Carmelites, and Maria Alfonsina Danil Ghattas, a religious and founder of the Sisters of the Rosary

Lastly, His Excellency addressed the two young men with a word of encouragement, insisting them to continue on their path with courage, while taking advantage of the precious time of formation in the seminary, to know Jesus Christ more deeply, not only through the experience of faith, an element of primary importance, but also through constant study and a serious work of preparation (“Study, study, study!” was his heartfelt invite given to the seminarians.)

The celebration took place in an ambience of Easter joy and gratefulness towards the Lord, who continues to call upon new forces for his Church. A cheerful banquet followed, with songs and chants of mabruk directed to the two recently admitted seminarians.