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Fr. Yaacoub Hijazin

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18.07.1938 : born in as-Smakiyeh, Jordan

02.10.1952 : joined the Lower Seminary Beit Jala, recommended by Parish Priest Sante Fisintin

24.06.1964 : ordained priest in Amman at Christ the King Parish Al Misdar by Patriarch Alberto Gori

05.08.1964 : Assistant to Fr. George Saba  at Madaba Parish

09/1965 : assistant to Fr. Naoum Karadsheh, at Al Mahatta & Marka parishes, Jordan

21.06.1968 : assistant to Fr. Mansour Saliba  Southern Zerka Parish

20.08.1969 : assistant  to Fr. Zakaria Farwaji, and thence to Fr. Michel Sabbah at Christ the King Parish, al Misdar Amman

23.08.1971 : Parish Priest Al Fuheis Jordan

09/1975 : travelled to Rome to study Canon Law at Latran University

07.11.1978 : Ph.D. in Canon Law from Latran university : The Arab Christian hurch

23.04.1979 : came to LPJ for training at Church Court

08/1979 : Parish Priest AL Fuheis, Jordan

1985 : Deputy Head of Church Court, Jordan

01.07.1989 : Madaba Parish Priest, Jordan

8.1996 : Parish Priest Marj al Hamam, Jordan

1999 : Parish Priest Jabal Amman

June 17, 2016: Deceased in Jordan