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Fr. Slavomir Abramovsky

Fr. Slavomir Abramovsky

27.09.1956 : Born to a Catholic family in Warsaw, Poland

1991 : M.D. in Medicine from University of Warsaw ; worked in the field of cardiology and toxicology

1992–1993 : in charge of Toxicology Department

1993  : founded a clinic under the name “Redemptoris Mater” in Warsaw, then became member of Medical Board in the region  of Warsaw

Later became Vicar for St Thomas Parish  in Warsaw, member of Warsaw Diocesan Clergy

10.04.2003 :  PhD in Written Theology  from  Pontifical Thological University in Warsaw “The New Testament in Chapter Isaia II”

1989-1990 : Lay Tutor of Catechism for Missionaries, within USSR

1994-1996 : Seminary Student  in Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan

2002-2009 : came to Israel as Missionary with Priests of the Gift of Faith to Israel ;  working together with LPJ to found spiritual service for  Russian speaking Christians .  He founded the   Russian speaking Catholic community in Latroun, Ashdod, Haifa, Tiberias, Nazareth, Eilat

2008 : Administrator of new parish South Eilat, Israel (

Member of New Consecrated Community sine 1984

Contacts :

Tel : 08 631 57 39
Fax : 77 930 18 69
Mobile  00972.