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A very special day for Iraq Christian refugees in Jordan

A very special day for Iraq Christian refugees in Jordan

JORDAN– Our Lady of Peace Center, in coordination with Caritas, has welcomed many Christians who fled from Iraq in the wake of Daesh assaults. All in all, hundred of persons,  35  kids, have lost everything but their hope. The Latin Patriarchate through the Project Development Office help them not only to survive, providing for their basic needs, but also to consider and rebuild their future, offering them new hope and perspectives, through classes and also leisure time like this visit to Petra.

The 46 Iraq Christians, residents of OLOPC in Jordan enjoyed a very special day, last April 18.  A full day excursion was organized for them, including transportation, meals, horseback ride, a guided tour and a visit to the ancient city of Petra in Jordan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In total, 11 Iraq families enjoyed the time together and shared a beautiful lunch at a local restaurant in Petra.  They were led by Fr. Ala Alamat, Director of OLOPC, who emphasized the importance of such initiative to light up their lives and morale.

This is part of the humanitarian and refugee initiatives of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, aiming to provide these residents with some leisure time, which after what they went through in Iraq and the uncertainty of their future; it comes in as a good time for them.

This initiative was made possible thanks to the generous support of the Grand Magisterium of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher.

OLOPC was also a pioneer in starting the social program for offering three types of classes for the Iraq Christians: English, computer and gymnastics.  The objective of the Project Development Office of the Patriarchate is to expand this program to the other parishes who are  hosting the Iraq residents in the immediate future.

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