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Fr. Rafiq Hanna Khoury

Fr. Rafiq Hanna Khoury

16.03.1943 : born in Taybeh (Palestine)

24.09.1955 : joined the Lower Seminary Beit Jala on recommendation by Fr. Silvio Brezzolin

29.06.1967 : ordained priest at LPJ Jerusalem by Patriarch Alberto Gori, following the 6 day War. Appointed Assistant to Fr Yaacoub Abdel Nour at Beit Jala Parish (Palestine) and tutor at Seminary

16.09.1967 : in charge of JEC in the area of Bethlehem

16.09.1969 : Assistant to Ramallah Parish Priest Fr Louis Favro

11.10.1970 : studied Theology and Catechism in Rome

01.09.1973 : Tutor at Beit Jala Latin Seminary

01.1979 : appouinted at LPJ, appointed secretary  to Catechism Committee

20.10.1981 : Director of intercommunity St Cyrillos Cetechism Center, inaugurated at College des Freres Jerusalem

07.1983 : Head of the Latin Seminary Beit Jala

07.1986 : Assistant Head of Seminary  Beit Jala ; director of St Cyrillos Center in Ramallah

1992 : secretary LPJ

08.1997 : Parish Priest Jifna

08.1999 : in charge of  Synod of Catholic Churches in the Holy land

08.2000 : Patriarchal Vicar for clergy affairs ; in charge of office for implementing  Pastoral Plan at the end of the Synod conference

08.2001 : in charge of Catechism at LPJ

01/2004 : Sabbatical Leave

01/2005 : resumed his activity at LPJ

05.09.2009 : Appointed Parish Priest Birzeit

07/2011 : appointed member at Seminary Clergy Team  in Beit Jala

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