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Home Makeover in Madaba : a testimony of Christian solidarity

Home Makeover in Madaba : a testimony of Christian solidarity

MADABA – In the old city of Madaba in Jordan, many Christians families are living in very precarious conditions, in old houses that are falling apart and need renovation. An extraordinary solidarity between Christians is now taking place through the “Home Makeover Project” that consists in helping poor and needy families by completely restoring their house thanks to donations of benefactors from Madaba or volunteers, and offering this people better life conditions, but above all, new hope and love. Below is the testimony of Reem Sawalha who conceived the project.

“For with the measure you use, It will be measured back to you”  

                                                      – Luke 6:38-

Home Makeover

Rebuilding together, it’s easier than you think!

Common challenges and difficulties that we face as Christians, calls for concerted efforts from all of us, and full cooperation to overcome them. As I had the opportunity to improve my living when I received a generous support to collect a university degree in design, as well, I want to help less fortunate people face difficult living conditions and have the opportunity to improve their lives to be witnesses to the love and harmony that we taught from him Christ the lord to spread the word

        “It is more blessed to give than to receive “

Never the less to inspire hope and to contribute to the well-being of the society….

I run a small business of interior decorations and I was blessed to have a chance of making a number of successful different projects in my home land Jordan which gave me a an experience of eleven years of managing, consulting and executing interiors, also my team are keen on extending our experience to others through sharing creative home improvement and DIY idea as part of our restoration project.

Through the Home-Makeover project we commit to improve the living standards of Christian families, to fend off thoughts of immigration, and to maintain the Christian identity in the holy land, we strive to support the less fortunate and achieve satisfaction in improving the living conditions of the disabled, orphans and deprived families more over the elderly,

Our research included a study executed by Committee fraternal; these studies utilized many analytical techniques explaining:

1) Home environment of the individuals concerned.

2) Their health status.

3) Their financial situation, a form was prepared to be filled out by the spouse with the guidance of the patriarchate priest.

We approached this method to be able to analyze the situation of every house by visiting recommended families to put together the required sources to run each project individually.

While visiting these families we faced conditions in which the members struggled and was forbidden them from studying or working like others which sequenced in their financial life and was the reason for their misfortune. Some of these conditions caused disabilities. One spouse has compressing disc causing him difficulty in movement married to a woman who has a neurodegenerative disease parents to a daughter with Infantile paralysis , other family with a father of heart failure and a son with partial cerebral palsy, other house for an old and lonely lady suffers from weak and has Erosion of the joints.

The benefits of these houses’ rehabilitation are to insure the individuals to live in a better and healthier environment instead of the state of despair and obsolete conditions of their residence due to neglect and poverty.

We believe that it’s our mission to provide support for those in needs we believe in one’s right for a healthy living condition. That is how we achieve solidarity with others.

We are looking for the good intentions partners to support our humanitarian cases in the Holy Land, your help and support will increase our chances to out-reach without limits!

Let’s all be the change, together we can make the impossible, possible!! “The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation”: Aristotle

Many thanks,

Reem Sawalha

Contact Details:

Reem Sawalha                                              

Phone: 00962 798 506091