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Fr. Louis Hazboun

Fr. Louis Hazboun

14.03.1949 : born in Bethlehem

02.09.1964 : joined the Franciscan Lower Seminary at Emmaus Qubeibeh

02.09.1967 : joined the Lower Seminary Beit Jala, recommended by Mgr George Bateh

06.06.1975 : ordained priest in Jerusalem, at LPJ Cathedral, by Patriarch Yaacoub Beltritti

08.06.1975 : Assistant to Fr Michel Sabbah, at Christ the King Parish Amman Al Misdar

01.09.1976 : Assistant to Mgr Yaacoub Kabra, at Deir Rafat Our Lady of Palestine ; tutor Catechism at Lod-Ramleh Government School

08.06.1977 : Assistant to Fr Naoum Karadsheh at Jabal al Hashimi Parish, Amman

08/1977 : Assistant to Fr Yaacoub Abel Nour at Beit Jala Parish ; tutor at Seminary ; started spiritual service at Caritas Baby Hospital in Bethlehem

27.06.1981 : earned degree in Sociology, Psychology and Educationn from the University of Bethlehem

1982-1988 : Studies in Biblical Theology and Antiquities at the Franciscan Biblical School in Jerusalem

1988-1989 : studies in Biblical Theology and Antiquities at Ecole Biblique Archeologique Francaise – Dominican Fathers – in Jerusalem

27.06.1993 : earned a Ph.D. in Biblical Theology from Rome (character of  Jeremiah in his Second Confessions (Jeremiah  15 : 10-21) ; Historical Approach  – critical and psychological) ; tutor of Palestinian tourist guides at the University of Bethlehem

1994 : Parish Priest Beit Jala ; tutor at Seminary

18.08.1995 : Parish Priest Zababdeh ; tutor of Tourist Guides at  University of Bethlehem

18.08.2001 : Parish Priest Jafa-Nazareth ; tutor at College of Theology, affiliated to Mar Elias University in Ibillin

07.04.2009 : Canon of the Holy Sepulchre

07/2011 : Parish Priest Bir Zeit

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Fax 02/ 281 0282