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Fr. Labib Copty


31.08.1950 : born in Beirut, Lebanon

09/1963 : joined lower Seminary Beit Jala

06.07.1975 : ordained priest in Beirut (Lebanon) by Latin Bishop in Lebanon Mgr Paul Bassim

08/1975 : Assistant to Parish Priest Beit Jala ; tutor at Seminary.  Joined Franciscan Biblical  Seminary (Flagellation Convent) and Biblical/Archaeological School of the Dominican Fathers in Jerusalem

20.06.1976 : appointed at Jil al-Deeb (Lebanon)

08/1977 : Assistant to Fr Naoum Karadsheh at AL Hashimi Parish Amman

08/1978 : tutor at Beit Jala Seminary

26.07.1982 : appointed at Jil al-Deeb (Lebanon)

10/1982 : studied Legal Canon Law  in Rome (Latran University)

27.06.1985 : came back to Lebanon

08/1986 : came back to Rome to help one of the parishes

06/1988 : joined Pontifical Academy Rome

1989 : Assistant at Marj al Hamam Parish, Amman

1992 : priest serving the Arabic-speaking community in California USA ; he founded two parishes : one in San Francisco, the other in Los Angeles

1998 : appointed Fr Hisham Thaba’in, parish priest in Los Angeles ; then moved to serve parish  San Francisco

2003 : took responsibility of one of  US parishes in Los Angeles

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