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Fr. Jibrail Hijazin

Fr. Jibrail Hijazin

04.01.1937 : born in Smakiyeh (Jordan)

02.10.1952 : joined Lower Seminary Beit Jala, on recommendation by his Parish priest Fr. Sante Visentin

24.06.1964 : ordained priest in Amman Al Misdar “Christ the King”, by Patriarch Alberto Gori

05.08.1964 : Assistant to Parish Priest Mario Furlan at North Zerka Parish, Jordan

20.08.1969 : Assistant to Fr Zakaria Farwaji, Christ the Kin Parish, Amman, AL Misdar

24.07.1975 : Parish Priest Marka, Amman

13.06.1993 : Parish Priest South Zerka, Jordan

1996 : Parish Priest Ermemin

1997 : Parish Priest of Saffout (Ermemin becoming affiliated to as-Salt Parish)