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Fr. Hanna Kildani


22.01.1955 : Born in Karak to a family originating from Madaba

1968: Lower Seminary of Beit Jala

1973: Higher Seminary in Beit Jala

1976: Bachelor degree in Philiosophy from Beit Jala Seminary

1978: Bachelor degree in History from the Beirut Arab University

1979: Bachelor degree in Theology from Seminaru in Beit Jala

15.06.1979 : ordained priest in  Madaba (Jordan)  by Mgr Ne’meh Sam’an

08.1979 : Assistant to Fr. Luigi Favro, Latin Parish Ramallah

08.1980 : Assistant to Parish Christ the King, Al Misdar (Amman), enrolled at St. Joseph University Beirut Lebanon, to complete his Master’s in History

1982: Master degree in History from St. Joseph University Beirut Lebanon

09/1986 : travelled with priests from “Gift of Faith” to serve in Abu Dhabi, with Mgr Germolli, Apostolic Nuncio in Arab Gulf States

1987: Ph. D. in History, St. Joseph University in Lebanon

01.07.1989 – 2002: Parish priest Fuheis, Jordan

1990 – 2011: Judge of the Ecclesiastical Latin Tribunal, Appeal Tribunal, Amman

1993: Published Ph. D. thesis “Modern Christianity in Jordan and Palestine” in Arabic.

1998 – 2001: Vice – General Director of the Latin Schools in Jordan.

1999: Memeber of the Christian Muslim Board of Jordan

2001 – 2008: General Director of the Latin Schools in Jordan

2001 – 2008: General Secretary of the Christian Educational Institutions in Jordan

08/2001 : Parish Priest Fuheis

2002 – 2007: Consultor of the Pontifical Council of Inter-religious Dialogue

2002: General Secretary (Chancellor) of the Latin Vicariate in Amman, Jordan

2003: Parish Priest of Marj Alhamam, Amman

2004: Chaplin of the Catholic Club in Amman, and Chaplin of St. Vincent Charitable Society in Amman

2005: Chevalier de l’Ordre National de Mérite

2010 Published “Modern Christianity in the Holy Land” at AuthorHouse, Indiana, USA

2010: General Secretary of the Council of Church Leaders in Jordan

2010: Expert of the Special Assembly for the Middle East of the Synod of Bishops.

2010: Memener of the National Team of Jordan for Mental Health.

2010: Commander of the Equestrian Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem. Chaplain of Jordan Lieutenancy.


Contacts :

Martyrs of Jordan Church

Latin Convent of Marj Alhamam

P.O.B 246.


Tel/fax : 06 5713007

Mobile: ++ 962 79 5600638