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Fr. Bashir Bader



16.10.1971 : born at Al Khirbeh (Jordan)

08/1983 : joined the Lower Seminary Beit Jala, on recommendation from his Parish Priest Fr William Al Yaacoub

04.07.1996 : ordained priest in Irbed (Jordan) at the hands of Patriarch Michel Sabbah

08/1996 : tutor at Beit Jala Seminary

08/1997 : Assistant Parish Priest in Ramallah, Palestine

07/1998 : Resident Assistant Parish Priest at  al-Sweifiyeh Vicariate, Amman, together with . Bishop Salim Sayegh

06/2000 : Parish Priest of Ader (Jordan)

Parish Priest of the Annunciaion at Jebel Lweibdeh

08/2014 : studies of Family Theology

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