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Caritas donates mobile clinic for Gaza

Caritas donates mobile clinic for Gaza

GAZA– Caritas Jerusalem is offering a new mobile clinic to provide medical and health services to the people in Gaza Strip. The protocol of the project, carried out in partnership with Bank of Palestine, was signed in Ramallah on Tuesday 7 April 2015.

The idea was born out of the humanitarian emergency needs in the Gaza Strip. “We had a mobile clinic, but it broke down, says F.r Raed Abusahliah, Director General of Caritas Jerusalem, and so we immediately contacted the Bank of Palestine to help us continue this service in Gaza”.

The initiative was realized, thanks to the financial help provided by the Bank of Palestine. The protocol of the project, carried out in partnership between the Bank of Palestine and Caritas was signed on Tuesday  April 7, 2015 by Fr. Raed Abusahliah, and Mr. Hashim Shawa, Chairman of the Bank of Palestine, at the Bank offices in Ramallah.

The agreement of cooperation involves the purchase of mobile units by the Bank, while Caritas will run  intervention programs in support of humanitarian initiatives already launched by Caritas for the Gaza Strip population in the areas of education, psycho-social services and programs, and food distribution.

“The mobile clinic, says Fr. Raed, will involve a six-person team, a full staff of a driver, a doctor, a nurse, a psychologist , etc, as well as all the necessary equipment. It will enable us to reach out and offer services in zones which the government does not reach. The clinic will serve a zone with a population of 80,000, and will enable us to take care of some 50 persons a day.”

It will be the “mobile branch” of the largest clinic held by Caritas in Gaza, located at Al Shate’ Camp, which holds a team of 18 persons. “The mobile clinic will give priority to children and expectant mothers, offering first aid and medical lab tests. It will also offer some necessary services to the elderly”, adds Fr. Raed.

Caritas Jerusalem has already provided $1 million in various humanitarian programs and interventions for evacuees, children and people directly affected by the war of July-August 2014.


Myriam Ambroselli