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Distress of migrants children in Tel Aviv

Distress of migrants children in Tel Aviv

TEL AVIV – the Pastoral of Refugees and Migrants in Israel announced recently the death of a small 4 month infant in an overcrowded crib in Tel Aviv, meant for migrants’ children, mainly of Erythrean origin. This death unfortunately reveals the very tough living conditions of these little infants and therefore calls for urgent reaction.

 On Friday 27 March 2015 a 5th child died – within two months – in one of the cribs south of Tel Aviv which fosters migrants’ children. Often improvised in apartments or homes slightly equipped with little light and no place to move around, these cribs get quickly overcrowded and the staff under-manned, up to one only adult for ten children aged between 1 month and three years

Parents are obliged to leave their kids during long hours in order to earn their living and through their little income provide them with shelter, food and clothing.

In these conditions, children cannot but suffer. Dozens of infants are involved. Because of lack of adequate attention, and of health care and food, some of them know a sad end to their lives, like this little child who died most probably of strangulation in his bed. Other children would not grow healthily: some of them develop psychic, moving, emotional or social failures.

In order to relieve the families and to relieve a bit these cribs, Pastoral of Migrants and Vicariate St James for Hebrew-speaking Catholics work in conjunction with UNITAF (a branch of UN devoted to humanitarian operations) to find alternatives to these deficient homes. A home for these infants was recently opened at the Center Our Lady Woman of Value. Overwhelmed so quickly, this home cannot absorb all children whose parents are working. That is why the present situation necessitates an urgent action, both on human and financial levels.

The plea of these children is simple: “Rush to our help”


Pierre Loup de Raucourt