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Gaza – two young Christians hold their engagement

Gaza – two young Christians hold their engagement

GAZA – a festive atmosphere was lived at the parish of Gaza on Sunday 16 March 2015. Two young people got engaged during a traditional ritual. Report by our special envoy.

Dalia is only 18 years and has not finished her studies yet. Johnny is a bit over 20. On Sunday afternoon, they sealed their friendship by getting engaged at the Catholic Church of Gaza, a parish dedicated to the Holy Family.

As the present world always raises the image of the family, the smallest – and the suffering one – parish of the diocese of the Latin Patriarchate, gave solemn blessing to two young peoples of the parish group, calling on them to deepen their love, so that it may grow up.

Through touching and meaningful words Fr Jorgen Hernandez, Priest of the Latin Parish of Gaza, talked to the faithful, who came in large number to the celebration, and reminded them of the basic principles of the marital life. This love which originates from God, who creates and unites, when we love the same way Jesus loves us, supporting one another, giving ourselves and opening out to life.

As from now and during one year, Johnny & Dalia will be able to start to live and to deepen their relation waiting for the fulfillment of their marriage vows.

Christians living in the Gaza Strip are more than a thousand. The effect of the devastating war of summer 2014, hard economic conditions, difficulty in finding work, closing crossing points between Israel and Egypt makes life of Gazans extremely strenuous.

In spite of everything, our Christians and in particular the young people give a heroic testimony of hope. Smiles on their faces are striking, their hospitality and their opening are unusual. May the Lord bless Johnny and Dalia and grant them to them and to all their friends in Gaza, days of peace and joy.


Andres Bergamini