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Permanent formation and spiritual retreat for Christian instructors in Galilee

Permanent formation and spiritual retreat for Christian instructors in Galilee

GALILEE – Christian instructors, especially in the Middle East, constitute a special category for the Church which sees in them the best helpers in Pastoral mission. The Church is in charge of both their permanent and spiritual formation.

Course in permanent formation for Religion teachers in Shefaamer

A series of seven lengthy encounters – from three to seven hours each – was organized by the inspector of religious Christian, Mr Jiries Mansour, on behalf of the Ministry of Education. About 50 to 70 teachers from Christian or public schools in Galilee, take part in each encounter, all organized at centers of permanent formation operating in major  cities of Galilee: Haifa, Shefaamer, and Nazareth.

Theoretical courses are given by Bishops or Priests of Galilee, while instructors of methodology are given by experts who brief tutors on new methods in teaching.

On Friday 6 March 2015, Bishop Giacinto-Boulos Marcuzzo animated a 3-hour meeting in Shefaamer on “Jesus Christ starting point, center and conclusion of each religious encounter” for 72  teachers.  He had formerly directed a first circle on “Encounter of religion animated by the context of life of Church” where the Year of ConsecratedLlife, the Synod on theFfamily, the forthcoming Canonization of two Palestinian saints drew a keen interest and projected a special light on the reality of the community.


Spiritual retreat for all masters of Christian schools in Nazareth

Teachers in Christian schools are hundreds in number.  The chairman of the Office of Catholic Schools, Fr. Abdelmasih Fahim, ofm, seconded by Mr. Shadi Abu Khadra, organizes regular Saturdays of high liturgical moments – Advent and Lent – a day of spiritual retreat. Teachers are invited to participate in at least two spiritual days.

The agenda of the day was full. It started with a well prepared lecture on a subject adapted to the teachers, followed by a time for  meditation, personal prayer, reflection and confessions. The celebration of the Eucharist  for the teachers, is at the center of the day. The retreat ended with an encounter of testimonials, personal experiences or practical proposals, and also a shared community meal.

On Saturday 7 March, Bishop Giacinto-Boulos Marcuzzo, inspired by the forthcoming canonization of Maryam Bawardi and Marie Alphonsine Ghattas, animated a retreat in Nazareth on “What does canonization of two Palestinians mean to the Christian teacher in the Holy Land?” It was meant for some hundred teachers all around Galilea, very interested in the subject, as witnessed by their mature questions and exchanges.


Text : our correspondent in Shefaamer Photos : J.M.