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Sixteenth meeting of the Migrant Pastoral Coordination

Sixteenth meeting of the Migrant Pastoral Coordination

HOLY LANDOn Tuesday, February 3, 2015, those involved in the Catholic Church’s pastoral with migrants met in the Latin parish of Jericho.

Present at the meeting of the Coordination of the Pastoral among Migrants (CPAM) in Jericho were those working among the Filipino, Indian, Sri Lankan and Ge’ez rite communities as well as those working in the Prison Chaplaincy and among the Bedouin. Also present were the parish priests of Jerusalem, Eilat and Tiberias. The meeting was animated by the coordinator of the Pastoral among Migrants, Father David Neuhaus, Latin Patriarchal Vicar. The meeting was held in Jericho as it followed the monthly meeting of the parish priests of the Patriarchate, held this month in the Jericho parish.

The meeting began with a moment to reflect on Pope Francis’s homily for the canonization of Saint Joseph Vaz, Indian missionary in Sri Lanka. Read the homily here

The first part of the meeting focused on news from each of the seventeen participants who shared events and celebrations that interest all the participants.

The second part of the meeting was devoted to the following points:

– expression of thanks to Sister Monica for her excellent administrative work for the Coordination of the Pastoral for Migrants and welcome to Sister Agnese who comes on board to help with this work.

– a discussion of the reactions to the celebrations of the World Day of Migrants held in Jaffa as well as in the parishes of Jerusalem and Eilat,

– a discussion of the situation of the African asylum seekers and their legal status,

– ways to diminish conflicts in our migrant communities,

– a report on how the Our Lady Woman of Valor Pastoral Center in Tel Aviv is attempting to facilitate the sharing of resources,

– how the communities manage the administering of sacraments,

– coordination with Israeli NGOs in working for the migrant communities,

– ecumenical relations among the Christians working for migrants,

– preparations for the upcoming feast of Easter,

– awareness that Sunday, February 8, 2015, has been proclaimed the World Day against Human Trafficking.

At the end of the meeting, Father Firas, parish priest of Jerusalem, invited all the participants to a delicious meal in a Jericho restaurant, a time to enjoy each other’s company and continue to build supportive relationships among the pastoral workers.

Source: Hebrew-speaking Vicariate