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Donation of organs, an opportunity of inter-religious brotherhood

Donation of organs, an opportunity of inter-religious brotherhood

NAZARETH – On 21 January 2015 the International Christian Association of Nazareth organized a national symposium at Golden Crown Hotel, on the “donation of organs, an opportunity of inter-religious brotherhood and solidarity”

 An event organized by Dr Selim Nakhleh, Director of the Association, his secretary, Usama Elias, and his staff consisting of representatives of all Christian denominations of Nazareth.

The symposium covered different aspects – medical, socio-cultural, ethical and religious – of this practice, increasingly known in Israel and in the Arab circles. Were present doctors, psychiatrists, politicians, sheikhs, bishops and priests, coming from all over Israel. Representing the Catholic Church was Mgr Giacinto-Boulos Marcuzzo and his Vicar Fawzi Khoury.

For each symposium there was a religious and ethic panel where a representative of each religion took part. For Christians this year, Fr Fawzi took the floor. All participants were high valued. Among others Dr Tony Karram, working at Rambam Hospital, was warmly applauded.

This symposium scored a success, particularly in an Arab sphere which has a great need to motivate the population on the positive effects of donations and organs grafting. Mgr G.B. Marcuzzo stepped in to tackle the horrendous abuses which are committed in Sinai on this practice.

Finally, the logo of the Association referred to namely how donation of organs can weave links between religions. The logo represents the symbols of the three religions which are transformed into three doves which, while uniting, are transfigured on a candle of light and life.


Text :  our correspondent in Galilea Photos : A.K.