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Latin Patriarchate condemns escalation of violence in Jerusalem

Latin Patriarchate condemns escalation of violence in Jerusalem

jerusalem-synagogue-attack-slide-106313_960x340JERUSALEM– On Tuesday morning,  November 18,  a synagogue of Jerusalem was the target of an attack, four Jews were killed while praying, and eight others were injured, four of whom are in very serious condition. The two attackers were killed on the spot. A day before, a Palestinian bus driver was found hanged inside an Israeli bus. Patriarch Fouad Twal, and his Vicar in Jerusalem, Bishop William  Shomali, worried about the deterioration of the situation, strongly condemned  the violence and called  for a quick political solution.

“ We are deeply saddened by the escalation of violence in Jerusalem,”  Bishop  Shomali.emphazied. “We condemn every act of violence and we call on Israelis and Palestinians for mutual respect, to work together so that a political solution to the conflict could be found . This vicious circle of violence, of counter-violence, of reprisals is seriously detrimental to the peace process”.

The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem His Beatitude Fouad Twal emphatically condemns violence, as well as the reasons that lead to violence.  He called for a continuous joint action to seek peace through a political solution by digging into and dealing with the deep roots of the conflict. “Extremists should not be given any chance, nor should they be given the last word”.

A visit of the Heads of Churches of Jerusalem to the Synagogue of Har Nof is scheduled for today Wednesday, November 19, as a sign of solidarity for the victims and their families.

Myriam Ambroselli