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Priests of the Latin Patriarchate in Jordan make their annual retreat

Priests of the Latin Patriarchate in Jordan make their annual retreat

Reatraite-Clergé-en-Jordanie-2014-300x199AMMAN – “Sorry, the person you are trying to reach is not available at this time.” Thus the telephone recording of the priests of the Latin Patriarchate in Jordan who went on one week retreat at the Visitation House of the Sisters of the Rosary in Dabouk. The retreat, entitled “We know him, we love him and we follow,” started last Monday, September 22, and ends today, September 25, 2014.
This year, His Beatitude Patriarch Fouad Twal, accompanied by his vicar in Amman, Archbishop Maroun Lahham, were personally involved.

At the beginning of the retreat, he spoke to the priests, saying: “If you want to find an instrument to measure the frequency of the time, and if you want to follow the positive or negative changes in the conscience of this age and its dangers and hopes … you have the priest! He is, in a way, the heart of God and His conscience. God has placed the priest in human history with a special vocation: to be the grand sensor of God and men. His mission is to talk to God and man, and always to be close to both, despite his weak and vulnerable human condition. The retreat is a time of year when we rediscover again God’s call for us to know Him, to love Him and follow Him more and more.”

The preacher of the retreat was Father Hans Putman, a Jesuit known for his sermons and preaching by the Ignatian method.

“The priest following Jesus, poor and chaste” was the central theme of the retreat this year. The days consisted of three meditations a day, the celebration of the Holy Mass, personal prayer and moments of sharing.

During the retreat, Father Hans spoke about the role of the Virgin Mary as she guides one to Jesus and teaches how to love Him freely. The retreat director then forcefully reminded the priests that God gives joy to the Priest who is called to stay with Jesus. He also stressed the importance of poverty and chastity in the life of the priests who has decided to follow Christ in joy, even in the most difficult times.

Source: and Father George Ayoub

Article: Firas Abedrabbo