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A thrilling adventure to meet Eastern Christians

A thrilling adventure to meet Eastern Christians

1978836_625932067489134_838769531497171276_n-199x300INVITATION – Please find the attached invitation to a special encounter with a young Frenchman who traveled to the Middle East in a Renault 4L to meet and give visibility to forgotten Christian communities. The meeting will take place tomorrow Friday, May 16, 2014 at 6:00pm at the Curia of the Franciscan Custody in Jerusalem. Welcome!

Vincent Gelot, a 26 years old Christian returned to the Middle East on a journey lasting one year and a half. This young Frenchman traveled alone in his 4L meeting of Eastern Christians and bearing witness to the faith, learning history and sharing the daily life of these communities.

At the end of a human and 60,000 km mechanical adventure, he arrived in the holy city of Jerusalem, marking the end of his adventure, at least on the road!

From Syriac monks located on the high plateaus of the Kurdish Kazakh steppes to remote Uzbekistan and northern Sudan through the Copts in Egypt and Christians communities in Iran, Vincent collected stories and hopes. Through his photo essay, he agreed to share and exchange accounts of the twenty countries through which he passed. A great story for us all!

All aboard his 4L, then, for a beautiful travelogue, next Friday, May 16, 6:00pm at the Curia of the Franciscan Custody (New Gate)!

For those who have already want to be dazzled, here is his Facebook page “Mille et une Foi”:

Please share the invitation with your friends and French religious communities.