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A Spiritual, Musical Pilgrimage, and a Great Concert

A Spiritual, Musical Pilgrimage, and a Great Concert

BETHLEHEM – You are invited to a great Christian contemporary music concert scheduled on April 9, 2014 at 7:00pm in Manger Square, Bethlehem by the group, The Sun ( A group of young Italians accompanies the group to the Holy Land. According to Francesco Lorenzi, a writer, singer and lead guitarist of the group, “music will be presented throughout their travels up to the concert on April 9, in Manger Square. The concert is intended not only for pilgrims but also for young people and students of Bethlehem, Beit Jala, Beit Sahour and Jerusalem.”


The Sun is composed of 4 young Italians, four friends, who established a Christian rock group in 1997. They transmit their testimony and the message of Christ through music. Success came quickly; in 2004, they became the best punk rock band in the world. Tours and concerts follow in Europe, the Holy Land and in Japan.

Their concert project was born of an encounter they had with some priests who suggested that they have an “encounter with Jesus” in his own land and with the Christians who, even today, by their presence protect the Holy Places. This “little bit” crazy project is at the heart of a musical and spiritual journey which takes place from April 3-10, 2014 and named “An invitation, a journey.” Some 220 ​​young Italians are part of this adventure to bring the message of faith together with The Sun group which chooses to announce God in song. They will have some breaks from music, taking time to visit the shrines and meet the local. The highlight of this pilgrimage is obviously the concert on April 9 at Manger Square.

Particularly active in the preparation of this event is Francesco Lorenzi who testifies as follows: “The goals are ambitious: a step towards God and others. When we are in the Holy Land we are conscious of being in His home. If you are accompanied by the right people who can really convey the presence of God, this journey can radically change a person’s life. I want to emphasize that among the participants in the pilgrimage, there are also young people who call themselves atheists.”

At the bottom of their thoughts, the young singers and band members also hope to work for peace simply by engaging the youth. “What you see in these places makes you realize how much there is still to do on the human, social, civil and political level, declares Francesco. This could be a kind of encouragement for young people to engage at different levels in everyday life. Pope Francis invites us to embody our faith in life.”

Pierre Loup de Raucourt with SIR