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Solar Energy: a first in the Church of Jordan

Solar Energy: a first in the Church of Jordan

ZARQA – where the sun shines more than 300 days a year, solar energy has come at an opportune time. A solar energy system has been installed at the Twelve Apostles parish of Zarqa, Jordan. The benefits are spectacular, both for the economy of the parish and the environment.

The Twelve Apostles parish of Zarqa is the first church in Jordan to acquire a solar energy system, which has been confirmed by the company who installed the system.

A nice initiative! The system, installed and started from the beginning of February, is very beneficial not only for the parish but also for the environment. It has a capacity of 10kw/h and produces at least 14kw/h a day. The daily production of energy varies between 50 and 60 kw/h, and this even at the heart of winter. Admittedly, winter in Zarqa can sometimes take the appearance of spring or summer. The city, located in the desert in an arid terrain, can experience a few climate surprises. According to meteorological statistics, the number of sunshine days is estimated at 300 days a year in Jordan. An optimal exposure for a fantastic energy gain for the parish.

In addition to an economic asset, the solar panels generate clean energy, still called green energy, which produces a really low level of pollutants, indeed, almost pollutant free. The system therefore helps to prevent CO2 (carbon dioxide), identified as one of the main sources of environmental pollution. From Feb 2 – Mar 11, 2014, the installed solar panels produced in total 1890kw/h, which is equivalent to an average of 50 kw/h per day, almost half of last year’s daily consumption, and prevents 1.3 tons of CO2. What progress! And what an asset for the environment!

This beautiful project has been piloted by Father Elie Kurzum, a religious of Bétharram (Society of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus) and pastor of the parish of Twelve Apostles. A priest who does not lack initiative, imagination and creativity for the progress and development of his parish. This same solar system also supplies the school, a large complex of more than two large two-story buildings located on the parish grounds. A commendable initiative which deserves to be followed.

This project would not have seen the light of day without the great generosity of L’Oeuvre d’Orient association, which contributed fully to its realization. L’Oeuvre d’Orient, an initiative of a group of lay people, was founded in 1856. The French organization is dedicated to helping Christians of the Middle East. We do not fail to support them with our thoughts and prayers.

Again, a big thank you to L’Oeuvre d’Orient for their acts of charity in the service of the Church of the East.

Fr. Jean-Paul Kissi, scj