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Grand Mufti of Jerusalem arrested by Israeli police


Press release – The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem condemns the arrest of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem – Sheikh Mohamed Hussein on Wednesday, May 8, 2013, on the occasion of ‘Jerusalem Day’ (during which Israel celebrates the anniversary of the capture of the City during the Six Day War).

The Patriarchate also condemns the interrogation to which the Grand Mufti was subjected before the police (the mufti was freed after a six-hour detention), adding that Sheikh Mohamed Hussein is a man of peace and is held in great respect by Muslims and Christians.

His arrest was an insult to all Muslims in Jerusalem and the Holy Land where he is the main Muslim religious leader par excellence.

The Patriarchate also condemns all the provocations that led to riots in Jerusalem on May 7 that resulted in clashes near the Al-Aqsa mosque overlooking the Wailing Wall.