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Knights of Castellaneta visit Patriarchate projects

Knights of Castellaneta visit Patriarchate projects

JERUSALEM – “It’s good to see you again here in Jerusalem, your Mother Church.” These were Patriarch Twal’s words of welcome to the members of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher from Castellaneta (Italy) during their visit to the Latin Patriarchate on August 28th.

The friendship between the delegation from Castellaneta and the Latin Patriarchate started in 2010 when the Patriarch visited the region of Puglia for the investiture of new Knights. Every year since then, a delegation comes to the Holy Land on pilgrimage. The purpose is to visit the holy places, but above all, to meet the local communities and see the projects of the Patriarchate that the Knights are spiritually and materially supporting.

The delegation was led by the Knights Grand Officer Dr. Michele Recchia and the Prior of the Delegation  His Excellency Pietro Maria Fragnelli, Archbishop of Castellaneta.  During their trip, the Knights visited the University of Madaba in Jordan. They appreciated the beauty and magnitude of this project. Many of them decided to commit to this great challenge that the Latin Patriarchate is undertaking.

The Eucharistic celebration at the Holy Sepulchre was another emotional moment of their journey. The Knights renewed their promises In the Basilica. The Patriarch presented the pilgrim shells to them and repeatedly called on the Knights not to abandon their Christian brothers and sisters in the Holy Land and not to be afraid to visit them.

The delegation returned to Italy on August 29th with the certainty that all their efforts to organize activities for the Holy Land this year were bearing fruits and will continue with their good work!

Text and photos by Don Mario Cornioli.