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South Sudanese to be deported

South Sudanese to be deported

JERUSALEM – Last week, a Jerusalem court legitimized the planned deportation of the asylum seekers from South Sudan.

The collective protection offered to South Sudanese asylum seekers in Israel has been removed and a Jerusalem court has legitimized the government’s plan to deport them together with other Africans who are in the country without legal status. This decision does not affect the asylum seekers from Sudan (with who Israel has no diplomatic relations) or from Eritrea (who continue to have group protection).

It is not clear how many South Sudanese are in Israel and the estimates range from about 700 to about 3000. Among this population are hundreds of children, many of them born in Israel. The South Sudanese are predominantly Christian and among them are many Catholics, who frequent the parishes in Jaffa and Eilat.

Individuals can now present requests to be recognized as refugees and each request will be processed by the Ministry of the Interior.

Vicariate for Hebrew speaking Catholics

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