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Churches in Jordan hold an Ecumenical prayer for unity and peace


On the occasion of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and at the invitation of the Noursat Satellite TV station in Jordan, Christian Churches in Jordan held an evening of prayer at the La Salle Church at Jebel Hussein in Amman. Present were Msgr. Salim Sayegh, Latin Bishop Emeritus, Msgr. Yasser Ayyash, Greek Catholic Bishop, representatives of the Nunciature, the Maronite, Chaldean and Armenian Catholic Churches, priests, nuns and directors of Caritas and Pontifical Mission and the faithful from different parishes, Churches and Schools.

Fr. Rif’at Bader, member of the Middle East Council of Churches, delivered a welcoming address in which he called to offer these prayers for the Christian Unity in the Middle East and the world over as well as for national unity in Jordan. He called upon Jordan to continue to be an oasis of stability, peace and dialogue under the auspices of H. M. King Abdullah II as he called for an end to bloodshed in the Arab countries where dialogue and logic should prevail. In the name of all present he greeted Msgr. Salim Sayegh, whose resignation as Latin Bishop of Jordan was accepted by Pope Benedictus XVI on Thursday after a 30 years period of service in the Latin Church of Jordan. He also expressed good wishes to nominee Bishop Maroun Lahham.

Bishop Emeritus Salim Sayegh addressed a word in which he said that we would like for Christians to realize that the Church is not confined to the affiliation of one community or of one people. Common values among Christians, he said, help to demolish barriers, frontiers and negative attitudes. Theologically the Church is not confined to human limitations; hence unifying Christians in one faith is beyond human forces and surpasses their planning and their intelligence.

In a call for peace, all present raised their olive branches while the heads of Churches lifted up their lit candles as they all prayed for the preservation of Jordan as an oasis of stability and dialogue under the auspices of H.M. King Adbullah II.

Prayers were said in Arabic, Chaldean, Armenian and Greek for all Arab Countries and their rulers so that they would follow the route of dialogue and cooperation. In anticipation of the week of religious tolerance that falls during the first week of February, they also said prayers for Moslems with whom they share a common life.

Prior to the final benediction, Mrs. Basema Samaan, Executive Director of Noursat in Jordan, expressed her thanks to all Heads of Churches who were present, to all those present and to all those who prepared for this event.

Basimah Samaan

Photography: Samir El Ashram

Caption under photo: Section of the Ecumenical Prayer in Jordan

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