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First communion in Ain Arik

IMG_8192The Catholic community of Ain Arik, a village near Ramallah, gathered  on Sunday, October 9th to celebrate the first communion of four of its children.

The faithful of the Latin Parish of Ain Arik went to church on Sunday where four children, Ramzi Shafia, Tamer Nadir, Lian Tawfiq Shahin and Kristin Issa Halawa, received the body and the blood of Christ for the first time. The pews of the beautiful church were specially decorated for the feast and the church was full of children, families, relatives and friends.  Everyone prayed all together at the Mass celebrated by Fr Athos Righi, superior of the Little Family of the Annunciation. He is presently in the Holy Land with  Sr. Catherine visiting the commujity of brothers and sisters.  He is substituting for the parish priest Don Giovanni Cinti, who is still recovering in Italy.

He called everyone, especially the four children, to welcome the invitation of the Gospel to participate in the wedding feast prepared by the Father, putting on the  white garments of the feast proper to beloved sons and daughters of God.

At the end of the celebration and after an exchange of small gifts, all the faithful celebrated together the first communion of the children in the parish hall.

Article and photos by Andres Bergamini


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