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“Five Minutes with the Holy Bible Every Day”


The site published Bishop William Shomali’s new project for this year of the Bible, “Five Minutes with the Holy Bible Every Day”.

The year 2011 is the year of the Holy Bible. This was the decision reached by the Synod of Bishops for the Middle East who requested an all inclusive preparation for the year. It is a year of grace and benediction upon you, your flocks and shepherds. One of the recommendations of the Synod was: “We wish that every family possesses the Holy Bible.” The Synod encourages a daily reading of the Word of God, meditation thereupon, the creation of an atmosphere of familiarity with the Holy Bible and delving into its spiritualities.

This means that we are to read the Word on a daily basis even if it were only for five minutes, provided it is meditative and prayerful. It should not be leafing through as we do a newspaper, the internet or email messages. It should be as though we were reading a love letter – forgive the comparison – received from a lover, which we read without being annoyed or getting tired but with endless interest. Endless love can only assuage the anxiety of waiting that burns in our hearts: God alone, who is love, can tell us that we are not alone in this world, and that our abode is the heavenly city, where there is neither pain nor death. “From that city – St. Augustine says – our Father sent us messages, he gave us the Holy Books, to kindle within ourselves the desire to return to our home” (Psalm explanation 64).

For this purpose,  a new parish project was launched under the name: “Five minutes with the Holy Bible every day.” The site will publish a series of continuous lectures about the Word of God, throughout the coming weeks. To consult the program visit the site: