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“Sguardi” initiative program

BANNER-SINODOFor the duration of the Synod from October 10 – 24 2010, a room will be available at Pius X Hall, Via della Conciliazione in Rome for those interested to participate or be present in meetings on Synod-related topics. It is an opportunity for debates, deliberations aimed at exploring major issues and problems faced by Christians and Catholics in the Middle East, dissemination of information and book presentations. Synod fathers, writers, journalists and experts will be on hand to share insights, answer questions or engage in discussions.

This initiative is supported by the Custody of the Holy Land, Terra Santa Publications, Italian Catholic Action, and International Forum of Catholic Action.

Program :

Sunday 10 October


Inauguration of the multi-media exhibition “Abana, Padre Nostro: A look at Middle East Christians” (Israel, Palestine, Iran, Arab Peninsula)

Moderator: VANIA DE LUCA, Rainews

Interventions by:

• H.E. Mgr. NIKOLA ETEROVIĆ, Segretary of the Bishops’ Synod

• His Beatitude FOUAD TWAL, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem

• Father PIERBATTISTA PIZZABALLA, Custodian of the Holy Land

• Father FEDERICO LOMBARDI SJ, Director of the Vatican Press Office , Vatican Radio and CTV

• EMILIO INZAURRAGA, Coordinator of the IFCA Secretariat and President of CA Argentina

Presentation of exhibition:

• GIUSEPPE CAFFULLI, Edizioi Terra Santa

• FABIO PROVERBIO, photographer, exhibition organizer

Presentation of the volume “Pilgrimage in the Holy Land – Jordan, Israel and Palestinian Territories 8-15 May 2009″, Libreria Editrice Vaticana 2009

• DON GIUSEPPE COSTA sdb, Lev director

Recommended viewing:

Projection of the documentary “Benedict XVI pilgrim in the Holy Land” produced by the Vatican Television Centre in collaboration with Franciscan Media Center of the Custody of the Holy Land.

Aperitif with wine from the “Cantina di Cremisan” (prepared by Vis – Volontariato internazionale per lo sviluppo ( a Salesian non-governmental organization involved in the re-launching of the hundred-years old cellar of the Cremisan and Beit Jema vineyards)

Monday 11 October

17.30 Meeting for those involved in schools. “Reading the Bible in the light of the Holy Land” prepared by PASQUALE TROÌA, lecturer in Bible multimedia didactics at the Angelicum Pontifical University Saint Thomas of Aquino – Rome

19.15 “Bridges between young people in the Middle East”

Interventions by:

• H.E. Mgr. GIACINTO MARCUZZO, In charge of youth in the Latin Patriarchate

• CHIARA FINOCCHIETTI, Italian Catholic Action – IFCA Youth Coordinator


• DANIELE PASQUINI, Italian Sports Centre

• ALEX ZAPPALÀ, Youth Missionary Movement

• FADI DAOU, Adyan Foundation

Moderator: ROSARIO CARELLO, “A Sua immagine”, Rai1

Tuesday 12 October

17.30 “Monasticism in the Middle East Church”

Interventions by:





19.15 Famiglia Cristiana director, Father ANTONIO SCIORTINO interviews Pierbattista Pizzaballa ofm, Custodian of the Holy Land.

Tuesday 13 October

17.30 “Dialogue in life” – Christian Initiatives in the Middle East: education, university – health – social assistance

FULVIO SCAGLIONE, Famiglia Cristiana vice director introduces and moderates:

Interventions by:



• Sr. ADELE BRAMBILLA SMC – CIMI Iustitia et Pax

19.15 Presentation of the books “Ponti, non muri”,(Bridges, not walls) Holy Land Edition 2010 and “Terra Santa. Viaggio dove la fede è giovane”, (The Holy Land where faith is young) Editrice AVE 2009, by Giorgio Bernardelli.

Interventions by:

H.E. Mgr. WILLIAM SHOMALI, Auxiliary Bishop of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem


Moderator: GERALD O’ CONNELL, a correspondent from Rome

Thursday 14 October

17.30, presentation of the book “Breve storia delle Chiese cattoliche Orientali” (short history of Oriental Catholic Churches) by Alberto Elli, Holy Land Edition, 2010.

Interventions by:

• H.E. Mgr. CYRIL VASIL’, Secretary of the Congregation for Oriental Churches

• ALBERTO ELLI, author

Moderator: SALVATORE MAZZA, Avvenire

19.15 An in-depth journalistic study “Jordan” prepared by UCSI Lazio

Interventions by:

• H.B. FOUAD TWAL, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem

• H.E. Mgr. SELIM SAYEGH, Vicar Patriarch for Jordan

• R.P. Dr. HANNA KHALDANY, expert on the history of Christianity in Jordan

• Madam HUDA MUHASHER, Caritas President – Jordan

Moderator: GIUSEPPE CAFFULLI, Edizioni Terra Santa

Friday 15 October

17.30 Meeting some financial solidarity realities in the Holy Land




• LUCA GIOELLI, Libero Mondo

• SOBHY MAKHOUL, Deeds of Faith Bethlehem

Moderator: STEFANO FEMMINIS, Popoli director

19.15 An in-depth study “Iraq” prepared by Ucsi Lazio

Presentation of a documentary “Iraq SOS refugees”, by Elisabetta Valgiusti, produced by “Salvaimonasteri” in collaboration with the Foreign Ministry

Interventions by:

• Iraq Synod Fathers

• ELISABETTA VALGIUSTI, cinema director

• P. ALEX ZANOTELLI – CIMI Iustitia et Pax

Moderator: IMAN SABBAH, Rainews

Monday 18 October

17.30 “Pilgrimages: the basic support for Christians in the Holy Land and the Middle East”

Interventions by:

• P. PAOLO BIZZETTI SJ, Pilgrims’ Operations in the Middle East

• P. GIANFRANCO PINTO OSTUNI OFM, Holy Land Delegation in Rome

Moderator: GABRIELLA PIZZI, “Fratello Sole”, Franciscan Pilgrimages’ Travelling Desk

20.30 Prayer Vigil – Dialogue with the Synod Fathers

“tolive in this land” (Dt.30,20).

promoted by Pax Christi Italy and the Middle East Travelling Desk

(Santa Maria in Traspontina Church , Via della Conciliazione)

Tuesday 19 October

17.30 “Pilgrims of Peace. John Paul II and Benedict XVI in the land of Islam”. Meeting of Vatican personel promoted by the Edizioni Messaggero di Padova (Emp)

Interverventions by:


• ANTOINE-MARIE IZOARD, Agenzia I. Media Director

• RAFFAELE LUISE, Giornale Radio Rai

Moderator: ALDO MARIA VALLI, Tg1

19.15 Presentation of the Kairos Document (Edizioni Messaggero Padova- Edizioni Terra Santa) prepared by Pax Christi Italy and the Missio Foundation

Introduction by:

• P. UGO SARTORIO, editor of the Messaggero di Sant’Antonio

Interventions by:

• His Beatitude MICHEL SABBAH, Latin Patriarch Emeritus of Jerusalem

• Don NANDINO CAPOVILLA, National Coordinator Pax Christi Italy

• Sr. FILO HIROTA, Pax Christi International

Moderator: RANIERO LA VALLE, journalist

Wednesday 20 October

15.30 “Voci dal vicino oriente” (Voices from the nearby orient) prepared by the “John Paul II” Foundation with Ansmi

Introduction by: RENATO BURIGANA, Coordinator of the “John Paul II” Foundation Scientific Committee

Greetings by: H.E. Mgr. LUCIANO GIOVANNETTI, “John Paul II” Foundation President

Interventions by:

• H. E. MONS. JEAN BENJAMIN SLEIMAN, Latin Archbishop of Baghdad

• GIUSEPPE BONAVOLONTÀ, Rai correspondent from Lebanon and Syria

• H. E. MGR. CHORALE NABIL HAGI, Maronite Archbishop of Tyre


• P. DAVID NEUHAUS SJ, Patriarchal Vicar of Jerusalem for Hebrew speaking Catholics

• ANDREA OLIVERO, Acli National President

• RICCARDO BURIGANA, Director of the Centre for Ecumenism in Italy

Moderator: FULVIO SCAGLIONE, Famiglia Cristiana vice director

19.15 Presentation of the book “Guerra e pace nel Corano”(War and Peace in the Koran) by Paolo Branca, Edizioni Messaggero di Padova, 2010

Interventions by :

• FRANCESCO ZANNINI, Pisai – Pontifical Institute for Arab and Islamic Studies

• PAOLO BRANCA, author

Moderator: Father UGO SARTORIO, Director General of the Edizioni Messaggero of Padova

Thursday 21 October

17.30 Commemoration of Mgr. Luigi Padovese

Presentation of the documentary produced by “Video Nova T”, in collaboration with the Order of the Franciscan Minors Capuchins and the Pontifical Antonianum University

Interventions by:

• H.E. Mgr. LOUIS PELATRE, Apostolic Vicar Istanbul

• Fra PAOLO MARTINELLI ofm, Dean of the Franciscan Institute of Spirituality – Pontifical Antonianum University



19.15 “The new spring of the pilgrim Church in Arabia”

Interventions by:

• H.E. Mgr. PAUL HINDER, Apostolic Vicar of Arabia

• H.E. Mgr. CAMILLO BALLIN, Apostolic Vicar in Kuwait

Moderator: UGO TRAMBALLI, Il Sole 24 Ore

Friday 22 October Commemoration of Father Michele Piccirillo

17.30 “Bringing the stones of Christian memories back to light: the work of Father Michele Piccirillo goes on”

Interventions of:

• CARLA BENELLI and OSAMA HAMDAN, archeologists, followers of Father Piccirillo

Moderator: TOMMASO SALTINI, Holy Land Association, NGO of the Custody of the Holy Land19.15 Presentation of the book “Michele Piccirillo, Franciscan Archeologist, between science and providence” prepared by Giovanni Claudio Bottini and Massimo Luca, Edizioni Terra Santa, 2010

Interventions by:

• Fra PIERBATTISTA PIZZABALLA OFM, Custodian of the Holy Land

• Fra GIOVANNI CLAUDIO BOTTINI OFM, volume’s curator

Introduction by: FRANCO SCAGLIA, Rai Cinema Director

Recommended viewing: projection of the documentary “Tessere di Pace in Medio Oriente” (Subscribtion for Peace in the Middle East), by Luca Archibugi with Michele Piccirillo, produced by Rai Cinema 2009

Concluding Message:

FRANCO MIANO, National President of the Italian Catholic Action