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The Church of Jerusalem: a great intercessory prayer for our time

cupolasantosepolcro110On February 20, 2010 at 6 pm Holy Land time shall be held at the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Jerusalem, presided over by H.G. Munib Yunan, bishop of the Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land, the second edition of the extraordinary prayer to which all Churches of Jerusalem invite.

The Church of Jerusalem, with her strong charisma of Mother Church asks all Christians to join her in a communion of prayer, asking the Father for the graces of Reconciliation, Unity and Peace – beginning with the Church and with Jerusalem. The idea and the request is then that all Christians continue to pray together for these intentions, every Saturday at 6 pm local time. All the Christians of Jerusalem are invited to attend the event, i.e., the solemn call. The prayer will be broadcast live by TV channels throughout the Middle East, Europe, Brazil and North America.

Since the purpose of the initiative is also to be developing a greater mutual understanding between the Churches, this appointment will be followed by a documentary about the Lutheran Church – the hosting Church for this event.