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Annual collection for the Christians of the Holy Land

As every year, the prefect of the Congregation for Oriental Churches sent a letter to bishops around the world to raise awareness of the traditional collection for the Christians in the Holy Land held every Good Friday. “The Land which was the cradle of Christianity might end up without Christians”, warned Cardinal Leonardo Sandri.

The Congregation for Oriental Churches, which “follows on behalf of the Holy Father the Christian community in the Holy Land ” urges all Catholics to contribute even materially to the necessary support of the Holy Places”, he added, thanking in the name of the Pope “those who will take to heart the traditional collection for the Holy Land next Good Friday.”  

Cardinal Sandri spoke of the collection to be carried out for our fellow Christians in the Holy Land.  They, together with the inhabitants of large parts of the Middle East, have long aspired to peace and tranquility which are constantly threatened.”
“The universal Church is following with great concern the situation, which has been made unstable by serious problems”, including “the absence of peace,” said Cardinal Sandri.

“The open wound of violence exacerbates the problem of emigration, which inevitably deprives the Christian minority of its best resources for the future,” he added. “The Land which was the cradle of Christianity may be left without Christians.”

ROME, Monday, 16 March 2009