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Fr. Adib Ibrahim Zu’mot

adib01.09.1948 : born in Jerusalem
01.07.1962 : Enterd Minor Seminary in Beit Jala
29.06.1973 : ordained a priest at the LPJ  Co-Cathedral at the hands of H.B. Patriarch Yaacoub Beltritti
03.08.1973 : appointed secretary to H.B. Patriarch Beltritti
24.07.1975 : Assistant parish priest to Fr Michel Sabbah, at Christ the King Parish at Al-Misdar (Amman)
July 1976   : Assistant parish priest to Fr Manuel Bader, at Fuheis (Jordan)
June 1977 :  back to LPJ,  as secretary to Patriarch Beltritti
02.10.1979 : trained in Science of Archives at the Vatican Library , Rome
1980 : back to LPJ,  as Patriarch Secretary,  in charge of Archives
1983 : worked on renovating LPJ printing press, in conjunction with Munir Hodali
18.01.1988 : Chancellor at LPJ
August 1997 : lecturer at  Seminary in Beit Jala
August 2009 : Head of Seminary Beit Jala
June 2013 : Tutor/Chaplain of Seminary / Beit Jala

Contact information:

Mobile: +972 54 970 6480